Audio Anaesthesia


Audio anaesthesia is actually a musical distraction combined with conscious sedation, which is also known as "twilight sleep". The sedation, typically in dental or operative dentistry treatments, combines the intravenous medication and special music in the same time.

This is a conceptional procedure with three steps. During it, our anesthesiologist - on the one hand - , works out a human and trustful relation with patients who arrive with fear. On the other hand, he fully dissolves their fear and patients’ conscience is dazed during the treatment. By this method, our patients do not perceive the inconvenience of dental treatment, and after that, only a pleasant relax remain in their memory.

Step 1:

During the meeting with the anesthesiologist, trustful relation is worked out with the patients, after a general review and detailed information, distracting the attention from negative thoughts.

Step 2:

Our anesthesiologist plays special and calming music for the patient, with a wireless headset that is studio quality. That results pleasant, relaxed, meditative status already after some minutes of hearing. During it, painless vein assurance is done, which means that the doctor places infusion cannula into a vein on the arm or back of the hand of the patient.

Step 3:

During playing music, the anesthesiologist starts the administration of intravenous medication for sedation with a TCI infusion pump, that is dedicated for this activity. This time, the patient’s conscience is near-sleep, gets into constricted status, meanwhile the local anaesthesia can be done in oral cavity without any inconvenience.

Then dental or operative dentistry treatment begins. The anesthesiologist is by the patient all along and continuously manages the depth of awake sedation. Our patient keeps own breathing and pharynx reflex, however the manipulation in oral cavity does not cause any inconvenience or nausea. The medicination causes post-amnesia regarding length of treatment.

By the end of the treatment, the hypnotica dosage is ceased, then playing music is also stopped. After that, conscience of patient clears up in short time. In maximum 2 hours of observation, there is an examination, infusion cannula is removed, then the patient can leave for home escorted by a responsible adult.


Audio Anesztézia