Audio Anaesthesia


Anesthesiologists in our company do unique way of intravenous conscious sedation for dental treatments in Sopron and region (Hungary), combined with a special musical distraction therapy which is created by own of us. Point of the method is that the fear of the treated patient is totally resolved from the first moment on, their conscience is constricted during the treatment in order not to perceive the inconvenience of shorter or longer dental or operative dentistry treatment. Such way, we would like to build the trust of patients in order that they make up their mind for sooner dental treatment, instead of hesitation stemming from fear. This will also lead to increase the chance of successful treatment and decrease the necessity of treatment expansivity.

Acoustic Medical


Audio anaesthesia is actually a musical distraction combined with conscious sedation, which is also known as "twilight sleep". The sedation, typically in dental or operative dentistry treatments, combines the intravenous medication and special music in the same time.

This is a conceptional procedure with three steps. During it, our anesthesiologist - on the one hand - , works out a human and trustful relation with patients who arrive with fear. On the other hand, he fully dissolves their fear and patients’ conscience is dazed during the treatment. By this method, our patients do not perceive the inconvenience of dental treatment, and after that, only a pleasant relax remain in their memory.



Gergely Nagy Dr and László Károlyi Dr are the members of our team, with young and modern mindset. Both are anesthesiologists and intensive therapy specialists; graduating in Semmelweis University, Faculty of Public Health Science, then studies were continued in Germany. Since 2017 and 2018, both have been working in Austria as consultants anaesthesiology. They are citizens from Sopron, Hungary.

Honest and human communication and confidential relation with patients is not only an elementary principle for them but the core of their entrepreneurship.



The involvement of anesthesiologist itself gives safety not only for our patients but for dentists and dental surgeons as well. As the anesthesiologist is a doctor specified for keeping human metabolism stable, whose task is to compensate the effects and consequences of any surgical interventions, such way that neither the conscience nor the body as set of organs could respond to them.



’Hologram’ or ’3 dimensions cinema effect’ are well known expressions for almost everyone. This is an illusion of the visual area of the brain; whilst 3D picture is perceived, in spite of sight of 2D picture.

It is also possible to ’deceive’ the hearing area and not heard sounds can be heard. In this case, there is a today well known neurological Phenomena.



It is well-known and written in several papers that music and rhythm is such important in human life. Everyone likes listening to music because this is one of the stimuli surrounding us, and we could not live without it.


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