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The involvement of anesthesiologist itself gives safety not only for our patients but for dentists and dental surgeons as well. As the anesthesiologist is a doctor specified for keeping human metabolism stable, whose task is to compensate the effects and consequences of any surgical interventions, such way that neither the conscience nor the body as set of organs could respond to them.

In order to obtain this ability, it is necessary to get medical experiences in different hospitals for several years, moreover to get to know profoundly the related professions such as physiology, pathophysiology, pathology, biochemistry and pharmacology.

Last but not least, there is great emphasis on human relation among people. Accordance with our view, it is personal responsibility of the anesthesiologist to get into patients’ confidence, to calm them down, to inform them correctly and to become their partner. Without these things, the therapy cannot begin.

The stress elimination, that is combined with special musical therapy, has very positive effect on wound healing, decreases the need for narcotic; ultimately determines the success of the outcome of surgical treatment, as well as the health of patients.

Preparation for the ambulant, dental awake sedation:

  • The day before, preferably eat light food, provide for abundant liquid, and get exercises.
  • The day of treatment, take medicines as usual.
  • Four hours before the treatment, do not have any food or drink, do not eat chewing gum and do not smoke.
  • After the treatment, you may leave for home, escorted by an adult in 2 hours at best. This day, do have rest, avoid physical activity or load, do not drive, do not drink alcohol, do not sign contract or any important documents!

Patients who cannot get ambulant dental awake sedation:

  • patients of cardiovascular system diseases
  • neurological diseases, Parkinson desease, dementia, epilepsy, sclerosis multiplex, psychiatric clinical picture
  • patients with alcohol or drug addiction
  • chronic metablism deseases
  • unaccompanied patients

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