Audio Anaesthesia


It is well-known and written in several papers that music and rhythm is such important in human life. Everyone likes listening to music because this is one of the stimuli surrounding us, and we could not live without it.

Due to evolutionary reasons, every lifekind is able to synchronize, mock at the surroundings. This ability is one of the elemental forms of contacting the external world. There is no life without it at all. This feature is genetically encoded, which gives such benefit to the individual or group of individuals that is necessary to survive; thus it is surely said that it is healthy! Regarding environment synchronization, empathy is a unique, human characteristic, for instance. Thanks to that, if somebody suffers in our surroundings, we will also suffer with him/her.

By listening to music, the brain actually answers the surrounding stimulus, so synchronizes that music, which results certain effect. If we feel good from that, it means that our brain managed to get the same frequency, get in sonority with frequency of the stimulus. Music has positive effect on us; leastwise, our organism surely responds to that. If we listen to totality of sound frequencies that are appropriate for our brain, then - due this stimulus - it is possible to launch series of positive changes, which are good for our organism.

Audio Anaesthesia comes into being because we do believe that positive effect in patients, that is generated by appropriate, defined sound stimulus, is still underappreciated in therapy. This effect is helpful not only in stress elimination but in wound healing after a surgical treatment as well.

The special music of us, which was definitely composed for audio anaesthesia, may be help itself in several areas of therapy, therefore we do recommend it as complementary of therapies.

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Audio Aneszt├ęzia